wishfuldaze (wishfuldaze) wrote in raconteurs,

The Raconteurs on 90210 soundtrack

So yes...they are going to be on the upcoming soundtrack for the tv show 90210. Never thought I would see that one. But it is supossed to be an "original song" and it features Adele.

There is also, Jet, Parachute, Ok Go, All American Rejects, etc.

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September 22 2009, 02:27:15 UTC 8 years ago

Oh. Interesting. What do you mean by an 'original song'? Just one written by them or a brand new track? I know they sang with Adele on Many Shades Of Black *shudder*, perhaps they're using that? I didn't think they'd recorded together for a good while now so I'd be shocked if it was a brand new song.

P.S. Damn I need to make some Brendan Benson icons!!
That's cool, I guess. I don't watch the show, but I'm always happy for the Racs to get some attention. 'Consoler of the Lonely' was in the show The Vampire Diaries, too.
I could have sworn i heard their song played on "One Tree Hill " i could be wrong tho...