jay_kar (jay_kar) wrote in raconteurs,

Brendan Benson Online

Hi all! Just wanted to say, for the last month or so some friends and I have been working on a brand new Brendan Benson site, by the fans for the fans and we'd really love it if you'd check it out and let us know what you think.

Brendan Benson Online

It isn't complete yet, but we finally deemed it ready for the most important people to see (that's you, the fans!) All work on the design and construction of the website itself was done by onetenzeroseven while moral support and content came from myself, jasminfcc and our other non-LJ using associate!! There's a gallery, beginner's guide and all sorts of press and videos from the archives to keep you entertained, and maybe even help spread the word about Brendan's music to other people.

Sorry for posting this everywhere, we're just keen to spread the BB love!

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