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Raconteurs Slapped on a Mug

Yesterday, I picked it up from my friend, Letty. It was a Christmas present to me. She slapped the boys on a mug at her internship. When I took it out of a bag, my friend and I laughed out loud about this. Also, it actually wasn't the picture I sent ot her, but oh well. It still has a good picture of LJ (at least).

Oh, and she printed LJ again...

She knows I love to draw the guy. I feel sorry for LJ sometimes.

We can call it a mug shot....

I am so lame.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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You're pretty! She should have photoshopped you into the picture with them. How much would that rock?!!
"You're pretty!"

You're blond. XD No, I'm just kidding. XD

That would be creepy if I got photoshopped in with them. XD It would rock if it was a real photo of me and them. XD Thanks for stopping by!
"It would rock if it was a real photo of me and them."

That would never happen, lol.
Hahahahah! That is sooo sweet & unique! You know you will have an incredible day if you drink your morning coffee out of that mug!
down with coffee in a racontuers mug. up with hot cocoa ina raconteurs mug... and ive drank outta this mug twice already haha!


December 27 2008, 02:41:19 UTC 9 years ago

mmmmm hot cocoa is just as well for me!!! By the way- if your icons are your drawings- I am so impressed! I love it.
hah sorry i forgot to log in. I feel lame :-/

Deleted comment

i would lvoe one too...wait... i already got 1. haha! u can go find one of those places that slap pics on shirts and all and slap our boys to the mug.
This... This is so awesome :D
thank u :D
i want that so bad!!!!
*ties the mug to a fishing line and goe sin back of a moving truck* try to catch it :D im jk.
That's the coolest mug ever!
Just add me to the list of people who want one!